October 1, 2007

Aug. 7: Geiranger

Since we had been traveling for a few days in a row, it was especially nice to stay in Geiranger for two days. The hotel meals were wonderful, and so was the sign that we found on our table there: "Center for Lifelong Learing." In the morning, we walked down to the fjord and took a hour and a half sightseeing tour on the fjord. We couldn't have chosen a nicer day and thus were able to get many good pictures of Norway's most famous fjord.

It was a busy day in Geiranger that day, since there were no fewer than four cruise ships in the harbor and many more tourists arriving by the busload from Trollstigen. After the sightseeing cruise, everyone split up into smaller groups for lunch, shopping, and walking. Keith and Kara rented bikes and rode to the top of Dalsnibba for a fantastic view of the fjord and then rode back down to town.

Before dinner, there was a seminar on Norse mythology and Norwegian fairy tales, and the group displayed dramatic talent in an impressive reading of the story "Thor has lost his hammer" and the fairy tale "The boy who had an eating competition with the troll."