October 1, 2007

Aug. 4: Oslo

The day began with a seminar on immigration to Norway and an interesting discussion about the lives of immigrants in our own hometowns in the United States. Afterwards, we took our first trip on the Norwegian subway/light rail from the National Theater station in downtown Oslo all the way to Frognerseteren. From there, we walked down to the restaurant where we sat outside and enjoyed the lovely view of the city and the Oslo fjord while we had coffee and a snack.

Afterwards, we hiked along the road down to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump where we climbed to the top of jump to see the view, visited the Ski Museum, and shopped in the museum store. The more adventurous in the group took a ride in the ski simulator while the rest of us waited outside, glad to have both feet on solid ground.

In the late afternoon, we arrived back in Oslo where we visited the Akershus Fort and Castle, the Resistance Museum, and the Nobel Peace Center.