October 1, 2007

Aug. 11: Bergen

On our last day of the trip, Nancy gave a seminar on Norwegian emigration to America and the emigrant novel, Giants in the Earth, by O.E. Rølvaag. We also had a nice review and evaluation of our trip as we went over an outline of Norwegian history and showed how many of the places we had visited fit into the timeline. After lunch, we took the bus to Troldhaugen and visited Edvard Grieg's home and museum.

In the evening, we celebrated the end of a successful tour with a wonderful dinner at Bryggeloftet restaurant in Bergen. Highlights from the dinner included the discovery of the meaning of the word "carpaccio" and some very funny stories. Back at the hotel, we toasted one another with cloudberry liquor and described our favorite memories of each person on the tour. The Norwegians have a saying, "Når enden er god, er allting godt (When the end is good, everything is good.)," but on this trip everything was good all the way through, from beginning to end. Thanks to all who participated!